Lean in to Love

Lean in to the compliment. Seasons Greetings!

When we receive a gift at this holiday time or any time really, do we REALLY receive it? I seldom really know the time and thought it takes to really find the perfect gift for me. Whether the giver has re-gifted the present, or shopped on line, or taken the time to search out my favorite shop, baked a sweet, or taken me for a meal. All gifts are intended to bring the giver and receiver closer to love.

I have recently been reading a book I discovered by a writer I just found, Love 2.0, Barbara Frederickson. If you want to truly understand how to create more love in your life and peace in the world, this book is a must read. I am listening to this book on Audible, on route daily in my car to and from my work place. I get small but poignant pointers on how to make love in the world. I am being read to by a professional reader, every day about a subject I am most passionate about. I have never outgrown my desire to be captured in a great book, by being read to.

Lean in to the giver. Ask them how they found it, what made them think of you with this particular offering, and what do they see as your gifts that deserves such generosity? Lean in with body language, face to face and eye to eye contact. Make a date to have tea and thank the person if possible, in order to really exchange the positive sparks that flow between people when appreciation and giving are the commodity of exchange.

I have been so fortunate to be a guest speaker at a few college classes and University events and I ask for feedback and when I remember, I lean in and ask them to say more about what they learned. I feel it is a value added to the exchange. The giver and receiver both get to wallow just a little longer in the love moment. How did you feel when I said that? What is it like for you to hear this? What can I do to add even more to your experience? Thank you, thank you and thank you for your kind words.

As with the blog, I send out vibrations of love to you, the reader. When you stop by to take the time and read, some make comment and always it is appreciate when a word or two shows appreciation. If you get a chance, lean in. Ask me a question or two about why I thought the world needed or desired my words at this time … let me feel I am appreciated and loved in return.

Why do you read this blog? Who am I to you? Why does our exchange matter in this moment? Have I touched your heart?

I wish for you and your loved ones a safe, joyous and very happy holiday season and even more prosperity and love in 2014!!

Love, Pamela xoxo

One comment on “Lean in to Love

  1. Hi Pam: There is no way I could read this masterpiece and not leave a comment. Who am I to you? A friend, a partner, a kindred spirit, your Tenzing Norgay on our climb. Who you are to me. A cherished friend, an inspiration, a partner, a brilliant stylish women who I love and admire and my Tenzing Norgay on our climb.

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