Journey home

25 home journey

I stopped off for two nights with my mom at the end of my Europe cruise. So in Nova Scotia, trying to catch up and relax, make plans and just generally spend time with her. I posed the question … If you had one day to spend with me for a year, how would you like to spend it? I know once we had spoken about a swim at Kingsport Beach. We did not do this. As I had already done that with my grandsons a little while back, that seemed sufficient for this trip. We decide to do errands and a bit of browsing, and generally just hang out together.

It was a perfect day. Not too hot, not too busy, never too much, just right combination of time together. We even did a little shopping for birthdays and Christmas as we love to do. We at e scallops and had a glass of white wine, and an early evening for sleep.

Up this morning 330 ish to finish packing. My suitcase had not survived my last flight, it was cracked and open to my clothes. So mom had another old suitcase and I repacked my stuff in that. Shower, dressed, gluten free toast with maple butter as a last minute treat from Nova Scotia.

My aunt Linda has a new sports car and she brought it this morning for me to drive to the airport. What a treat! I kept within the speed limit and enjoyed the ride.

I am waiting to board Westjet, remembering the last flight out here with grand babies and my daughter on the way to the wedding a few weeks ago. How sweet that memory and all that has happened since. I am grateful to have this blog journal so I can reflect, as well as some pictures to post.

I can’t seem to log on here at Halifax airport so I will do it when I get one or Calgary.

Till I see you again, safe travels, enjoy each day …. With love


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