Miracle upgrade

24 Miracle

Stay with me – read on.

I said as I was a bit frustrated with Air Canada check in person ….” I really want a reason to like Air Canada.” We had been assigned a seat with no recline and no leg room … And told we have no choice. No gluten free …. Sorry they said. The woman also said we should check in with supervisor at the desk before boarding for any changes.

As usual, I am running around airport last minute searching for gluten free food to take on board. At Heathrow they do not announce the boarding gate until 45 minutes before so you just mill around and wait … Looking for a sign.

Finally we see it, gate 30 followed by a note that the flight is boarding and 20 minutes estimated time to walk to the gate. Argh. We use the moving walk ways and are rushing by the others. We go through one line up with our boarding passes and just about to go through the next one … I remember to ask the guy if there is a seat with leg room. He reaches over to his side and pulls up two new boarding passes with our names … They had been just sitting there … He says you have been upgraded to business class. I ask him to repeat because I don’t trust what I have heard. He laughs. He says it again. We get called to board early … We still don’t trust …. It all happened so fast. Was it a mistake? Hustled to the plane, we board, 7 k and f. Omg! Those seat that recline to a bed, like in the movie, the Holiday with Cameron Diaz. Yes, that is me. Sitting in a seat that I have only ever just walked by in my many flights. And this is Air Canada. And this is the long flight to Halifax. Omg!

The menu gets passed out to us. Are you kidding me? Headphones. I don’t even know what all is included as I have never ever even dreamed …. Oh my. The sweetest young attendant just came by with champagne and orange juice in separate glasses, and I say YES, he asks which … He gives me both. I take a picture. I taste the champagne and get Steve to take my picture on my iPad. Pinch me! Yes, this is really happening to me!

I believe in miracles. I believe in faith. I believe in travel. I believe in me. I feel like I just received a several thousand dollar raise. I would have dressed up if I had known…. However, I am so grateful I took the time this morning to ask for what I wanted. I also am grateful I had a shower! And changed clothes. I do have my favourite scarf bought in Greece at my mom’s encouragement. I feel luxurious and lucky and extra special. I want to giggle out loud. I want to be in the moment. I better read the menu, as they are taking orders for food. 🙂

Ordering a lovely meal, red wine, a Malbec. Also extra water. Watching a movie with my feet up (see picture) with cashews and almonds to nibble. Warm washcloths for freshening up and now cloth napkins arriving. About 7 options for how the seats are set for rest, sleep and for sitting up right. Diane Keaton in the movie. I love her style. I will grow old gracefully like her. Beautiful and thin. Always stylish and confident.

The bottomless red wine is so good, and warms me up. The service just keeps coming. Luxury is bottomless. It is lovely here in this life. I am so grateful. I may never pass this way again. I am fully enjoying this moment and this experience. Love is in the details.

There are eight rows of three across the plane. So twenty four. I recline because I can. I enjoy champagne, wine, Baileys, several cans of Perrier and still water in a real glass. I watch movie after movie, fluff. As in the words of the song, “I don’t want to close my eyes … I don’t want to fall asleep cause I would miss you and I don’t want to miss a thing!”

I am so happy, in love and excited everyday about my life, present and future.

Thanks for joining me.

Deliriously happy and grateful in my luxury,


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