Heathrow Airport

23 Heathrow Airport


So we got a shuttle this morning from the lovely Sheraton Heathrow hotel to the terminal three at airport to begin our journey home. Crowds everywhere. Congestion and line ups and almost unable to move. This is a very busy airport during the day.

Stopped for coffee at Starbucks after we went through security. Venti decaf skinny caramel macchiato.

Breakfast at a pub dining area. When in London, bubble and squeak is the order of the day, with a lovely slice of ham and a fried egg on top. Lovely flavour.

The waiter reminded me of someone and then it occurred to me …. The voice of the pick up guy from the movie French Kiss who rips off Meg Ryan at the hotel as she is waiting to see her ex fiancé. Exactly the same voice …. So I keep expecting him to say the lines from the movie. I have seen it so many times. I laugh put loud despite myself. I tell Steve what I am thinking and he laughs reciting the lines of the movie in the mimic of the voice.

Steve and I plan for a Europe adventure for next time to include Russia and London in the spring. Not so hot for Steve …. No Greece or Italy next time probably. I will go back there one day though. I love the heat and the adventure. The beautiful exotic lands.

Good day to you all,

Love Pamela

Beautiful, wish you were here!

One comment on “Heathrow Airport

  1. perfect description.u know life better than us says:

    Learn from u.i will travel to write some

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