Rome to London

22 just about to land in London

Flying with British Airways from Rome to London and overnight in a great airport hotel to get some rest before the long flight direct London to Halifax.

We had a nice glass of white wine, and some water. As per usual I can’t eat the food but I am still pleasantly still satisfied with the gluten free pizza I got in Rome! Half with four cheese fromageo and half spicy salami with tomato sauce and cheese on a wondrous thin home made gluten free crust. I ate a full personal size in the restaurant and then got a second one to go and ate more of it in the limo car we hired to take us to the airport some hours later.

It was truly the most pleasant surprise. You may not know this but it is exceptional treat to get to eat what other people eat, at a quality, taste and texture that others enjoy. When in Rome, to eat pizza of such a quality is marvellous and I am so happy we found it. Barb and Anne had scouted around while Steve and I were in the Pantheon taking pictures and enjoying the site.

Anne and Barb were both such lovely travel companions. We met them day one as we were making our way from Nice, via train to Monte Carlo and then to the ship a week ago, on a Sunday, for our cruise embarkation. They are both wonderful, generous and very fun women. I am so glad we met. We enjoyed our time traveling with them daily, we ate supper together every night, met for drinks and went to shore daily as well. We played card games, euchre and contract rummy.

The plane is descending, we are over Salisbury plain where we cruised to on January with Cunard. I wish we had some time in London, however, one of the trips we take we will be happy to enjoy that adventure. This is a short twelve hours to get some rest and prepare for the next leg of our trip back to Canada.

What a wonderful vacation! I am so grateful and happy for the life I have and the people in it that I get to share adventures with.



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