First leg, and excitement

I am happily sitting aboard Westjet flight speeding toward Calgary. I will have only a few minutes to find my lovely daughter and her beautiful sons at that airport. They will be waiting for me at the gate, ready to board our flight to Halifax.

I have iPad with great stories and games loaded. I have a Dora the Explorer paper book I found for reading on take off and landing. Construction paper but no pens or pencils …. Hmmmmmmm. I will need to be creative for sure.

I get to practice with a wonderful young woman sharing my row and her almost two year old sitting on her lap. Reading Princess Disney book and picking out pictures of puppies and horses. The flight attendant provided cookies and the little girl has some water to sip on to help with the ear popping. Hopefully I will have time for water purchase, and maybe a pen and postcard between flights but maybe not.

Last trip I took I sent post cards to the grandsons from airports and countries visited. Only six weeks ago, packing was fresh in my mind. This time I still overpacked but am under my luggage weight so room to grow :). Looking forward to a lulu store and Tall Girl shop in Halifax. And France and Italy will hold delights …. Back to the present!

Travel and shopping are so intertwined for me. How very fun to combine a few of my favourite activities.

I did all my out of office notices on my gmail and Cruiseshipcenters and will do my phone in a few days.

Steve’s daughter has made a last minute decision to fly from Moscow to meet us in Nice for a few days next week. We have to find a suitable arrangement for her room. Nice to have so many family on this trip.

My niece Tracey is getting married this weekend in Lunenberg and we, the family, have booked up a hotel or two in that town for the festivities. A few days also with my mom in Wolfville and an overnight or two in Halifax for ease of airport travel. My aunts and uncle, brother, nieces and nephew will all be there.

Lovely farewell wishes from wonderful friends and I am on my way on this great adventure.

Wish you were here. With love Pamela

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