Airport Arrival

2- Airport arrival

The first leg of my flight is to Calgary. I arrive and immediately seek and find Sheena and her two energetic and wonderful boys. I am filled to the brim with excitement and love for these three people. How lucky and special am I!

We board the plane and have paid for the front bulk head row seats. 2 A, B and C. We turn our space into five hours of eating, resting and reading books. We look out the window, we open and close the window coverings, we watch people line up to use the facilities …. We talk to the attendant who is helpful and nice.

We are all tired, and no one sleeps. Not one wink of sleep. Too excited, not sure why. That is how it is with new experiences. We are not sure what brings it on. The unfamiliar becomes the anticipated and we rejoice in the moments of togetherness and expectancy for what is about to happen.

When we arrive, so does all the luggage and car seats. Perfect. Then we find my mother, now dubbed GG by Sheena and the boys to keep people easy to identify. My aunts Linda and Sheila are along as well. We head to the parking lot, leaving the aunts to wait for Steve’s later arrival with Air Canada out of Toronto.

We drive to Wolfville and get settled in to GG’s luxury condo apartment. We have a bit of supper, cold roast chicken and veggies and fruit. Beds are made, kids are changed. We enjoy some quiet time and a glass of wine and then head off later for a nice night sleep.

Morning arrives soon enough, up before the boys. We shower and prepare as we may not have time to ourselves for days!

Glorious summer vacations with loved ones in the most beautiful province, my home, Nova Scotia.

You and I are welcome, always. I love you, thank you.


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