Notes to self

Notes to self

I love to travel and it is always worth it

Helping others with travel is also fun,

I love the rush of excitement for myself as I pack and then prepare to board

I love early mornings.

Don’t drink too much wine the night before a major trip

Don’t leave last minute things to the wee hours in the morning, before I leave because in the morning I forget what I wanted to remember

Send letters and cards to loved ones before I leave town. This is a new idea and I love how it feels. Follow up with post cards. Remember to put postal addresses in to cell phone.

Always travel with nuts, or protein foods in case there is nothing gluten free to eat along the way.

Remember alarm clocks are not intuitive. If you don’t set for a.m., the clock does not know that is what you mean …..

Always set a back up alarm clock!

Hang out in airports every chance I get

Surf the Internet for great travel ideas. Keep the bucket list current and add to it daily

Carry jewelry, makeup and vitamins in carry on bag.

Always travel with iPad and iPhone and connect to Facebook at every check in point.

Feel special and loved …. It is true.

When you find a bathroom, use it even if I don’t have to …. Not sure when the next one is.

Hydrate by drinking water often.

Live the dream I have.

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