Day at the Beach

3- Day at the beach in Nova Scotia

I have stepped in to my past with such excitement. Seeing it again from the eyes and experience of my grandsons.

Evangeline beach, red clay like sand. Tide going out. Almost the biggest tide in the world, that would be Kingsport Nova Scotia on the Bay of Fundy.

More than 4 stories of an apartment building, surfacing every day twice at low tide. Today the tide was going out and we were chasing it. Visibly obvious with each salty red wave, my memories surfaced like the tiny sea creatures uncovered and suddenly exposed to the warm sun rays.

What a delight. Forgetting how the red earth stains clothes, I have put on my white light cotton sweater and a black jacket borrowed from my mom. A hat in case the rain picks up. The boys in sandals and hats, little sweaters. They need a little encouragement but then delight in the wild world of the sea. I share and introduce this world to them. My special place.

We walk and explore, splashing, falling, laughing, running and rinsing in the tiny river like paths of water rushing to meet the sea. Wait for me, they say, trying to catch up.

Exhausted and completely satisfied we have to practically strip down to get in the van, turn clothes inside out and rinse sandals in puddles. Back to GG, great grammas house.

I was a little person, once again, same age as Jack, only 18 months old, or Luke, just three. I was there once upon a time, delight on my face and excitement fills me once again. The smells of the sea. The feeling of the red clay squishing between my toes. The sight of the beach laid out long and wide around us. A seal out a bit bobbing in the water watching us frolicking and playing.

In a moment I am both the Grammy and the babe. I have bent time and enjoyed the very best of the world. No fear, no struggle, no angst, only body memory of a simple time of sheer delight to be alive and enjoying all my senses can feed me.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For taking me back and bringing me forward. I love this place and time and connection to myself.

Wish you were here,

With much love and sand in my shoes,

Grammy Pammy


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