Lunenberg, Nova Scotia

4- Boscawen Inn, Lunenberg NS

We arrive just before 615 pm on the night before the wedding in Lunenberg. Reservations have been made for 40 plus at the Maritime Museum, the Old Fish Factory, on the bay in Lunenberg. The family wedding is tomorrow. Tonight we gather and feast.

I have been in Nova Scotia just 24 hours and have already tasted gluten free toast with maple butter. Not yet lobster or scallops, but we are out for dinner. Lobster special is on, with mussels and I ask for local made sauerkraut. Some German decent in my background, in the 17 hundreds my mother’s family was given a plot of land here, as a gift for a militia tour. We have stood in that lot, and toasted our coming to Nova Scotia.

My mother was born here, my brother and I as well. Here we stand in this historic place. In the parking lot, we gather. My mother, my eldest daughter, my partner, the two grandsons and me. Something starts the great giggle. Almost unable to contain our excitement we laugh. Over tired maybe but things just seem so darn funny. Sheena, mom and I all share that delight and a belly laugh from generations of love. Tears flow easily from the eyes of love.

Then to the restaurant with kids in tow, we order wonderful tastes from the sea. Sheena and I share Sangria. My aunt Linda, aunt Sheila, uncle Vern all sit together. The rest of the family finds us and stops in for a few words. John, Ashley, Tracey, Cindy, the parade of folks who have come to the wedding of two wonderful young people.

It is a celebration. We feast. The kids do great. We find our rooms, get sorted and enjoy the home style comfort of 17 room bed and breakfast inn, Boscawen.

After settling, we meet in the main foyer for a wee glass of wine and a chance to share stories before resting up for the party that tomorrow will surely bring.

Thanks to all of you for following my tales. I wish you were here …. It is so beautiful in my life!

Love P

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