Grammieblogging, to quilt a memory

28 June 2013

On my way from Grammies house. I am traveling this long weekend, Canada Day, to see my eldest daughter and her lovely family. Two grandsons to hold and giggle with. I am so excited.

My car is packed full of quilt fabric and must be ten or more cloth bags full of quilt books and magazines collected over the years. Projects I completed and those dreamed about. Hopefully I will complete them over the years of visiting with Sheena and the family. Building love and visits in every new quilt.

I will take time each visit to select a project and enjoy the input from the boys and their mom. What to plan and what fabrics excite? Bright colours and stories told in fabric. A dream for me. And quilts to dream under for them.

And as they grow up will they remember the fun with Grammie when she came to visit and made us quilts? Will they longingly touch the fabrics and remember the fun we had? Will they dream sweet dreams of love and abundance wrapped in Grammie-love?

Quilts of villages, sailboats, people and animals from foreign places. Quilts of no particular theme, just random and fun fabric selection and easy blocks to sew together.

Weaving my life to theirs even before they have memory stored. A pre verbal conversation of love and attention. Whispers of days to come and fun exploration and imagination. Oh the delight. The sense of home created by putting fabric together sandwiched with love and attention and a bit of coloured thread.

I will be sure to take pics and share with you any projects or fabric play if I take a minute away from mindful creating to capture the moment in time, for all time.

With love and fabric anticipation, my creative self


Wish you were here.

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