I have attended on seminar at sea already and a private function meet and greet. I am very impressed with Azamara. The Captain and cruise director also participated with our seminar and shared some great stories of their experiences on this ship. Roger Moore one of the James Bond actors and his wife sailed with this ship not too long ago and we saw pictures.

It is not a brochure outlying the specialness of Azamara …. But rather, a destination guide. “You will love where we take you”. Longer stays, more overnights and night touring. Azamazing evenings are unique, authentic and exclusive. This ship is doing the very first one on the Journey, in Haifa. Lucky us!

Complimentary beverages on this sailing just started this cruise as well. People are really talking about what sets Azamara apart from the rest. Destination immersion is the brand. Average age 56-58 years of age.

The service is outstanding. The maitre d, room stewards, front desk and wait staff are all terrific. I am so pleased with the whole experience. Really memorable.

Fantastic time being had by all. We are having some laughs. Travelling with my mom is a hoot and so good for us both. Great relationship and quality time. Eating together, laughing together and seeing new sites together. Of course, shopping together!

Love to all,


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