It’s going to be hot

It’s going to be hot.

Hey all, heading to Israel tonight and will be there in the morning. We had our sea day and ate way too much food and specialty drinks and wine and so much excess. Phew. Even sat on deck and read a book for a while. Beautiful flat seas.

Tomorrow we have opted for a safe and only half day tour of Jaffa and TelAviv. Once we have done that, there is a complimentary shuttle in to town in Ashdod. We need to find postcards to send to grandsons, and a flag to add to the collection they have of Grammies travels. I also want to get another sticker for my suitcase. Feels like fun to me. No other real shopping necessities but open to whatever we find. Neither of us has been to this country before.

Most people on the cruise are doing tours to Jerusalem and Bethlehem I imagine. 10-11 hour day. There are so many choices and all will be good I think. Ashdod is one of the oldest cities in the world. I can’t imagine what it will be like. So much rich history.

We don’t leave this port till after 10 pm. I wonder about all the exciting new old things we will see and encounter.

Azamara is a great cruise line, fabulous itineraries and night touring, exotic destinations.

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