Haifa in the heat

Haifa in the heat

Early morning sun on the veranda promises a very hot day. Mostly clear skies and sparkling water out our full size window.

We will have some breakfast and venture out for a bit. Most places close from 1-4 pm daily. So we can have some ship time this afternoon, maybe a swim? I love how relaxing cruising is.

Later: we left the ship and walked out on to the street and caught a free shuttle bus laid on by the city of Haifa. An hour and a half with options to get off at the mall, the beach and a few of the tourist highlight areas. We stayed on for the guided tour. Even time for photos! What an interesting and beautiful city. We were so pleased with the value of this trip and the timing. Back at noon we walked trying to find postcards, a flag and sticker for my luggage but alas, nothing! I tried to change money at a money exchange and their machine was down so I ended up going back on the ship without spending one shekel! Fun. The sun was out, so I donned my bathing suit and headed up for a swim in the salt water pool. It was the perfect temperature.

Mom came up, we had a little lunch. Salmon brochettes by the pool. I enjoyed a cool beverage. Then to shower and prepare for the evening. Buffet dining in our favorite window table in Discoveries dining room. After a relaxing and enjoyable dinner, drink and casual conversation, we prepared to head out to the busses.

Wow. What an event. The Azamazing evening arranged by Azamara was breathtaking. Incredible undertaking by the cruise line specifically for us on this cruise and all details were looked after. The first for Azamara Journey. I am so pleased I was here to experience this.

Tremendous. We were bussed out to a two thousand year old roman amphitheatre, hundreds of us. More than 11 buses full, I did not see how many in total. When we arrived after about 40 minute drive, in to a park area in the desert area south of Haifa, we were greeted by young people and many Israeli flags, cheering, fabulous ethnic music being performed by a team of 4 gentlemen. Free wine, beer, soft drinks and water, in several stations. Food local to the area, prepared and set up for tasting all around the theatre, inside. The lighting, torches, even soft pillows for sitting in the arena. There was dancing. An orchestra played and two women sang. I was overwhelmed at times. My breath caught in my throat. Speechless. This is truly a fabulous event.

A few hours went by in a blink. It was now dark and the music came to an end even after a few encores. The evening still very warm. Dancing and fun, more food, desserts, more wine. We had to gather up and head out to the busses. Home almost 11 pm back to the ship.

Up to our wonderful stateroom to talk about it all, and read about tomorrow’s plans.

What an awesome and full day. I think Israel is a fabulous place to visit and Azamara a most amazing cruise line. What innovation, and back to history in a beautiful country. So welcoming. The many people we have met have been super friendly and very fun.

This is an amazing cruise.

Wish you were here.

Love Pamela

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