Daily Rituals

Daily Rituals

Good morning dear ones.

I have been reading and listening to some awesome inspiring and motivating books lately . I want to share a bit of what I have learned and have put in to practice. I hope you enjoy the offering.

Every morning I wake and say the mantra of ho’oponopono to clear the memories from my sleep and any thoughts.

I follow this with approximately 5 minutes of visualizing how I want to feel, in playful detail. I feel joy.

I wake early, before my alarm goes off, to the excitement of what may show up in my life today. I know that every day something wonderful happens.

I have my morning routine with Xtra vitality beverage (Www.PamelaMacDonald.myunivera.com) mixed with Meta Greens to create a large cocktail with plenty of water to hydrate early. I drink Aloe Gold and Km, and whip up a bowl of PQ chocolate cake for breakfast. Vitamins and supplements to increase my resistance to health risks but also to assist with boosting my vitality and vibrancy.

I write. My goal is 1000 words a day. Sometimes I reach the goal. I love writing and find it is one form to express my creativity. Other forms include water color painting, quilting, and making vision boards and collages.

Meditation, visualization and affirmations can be powerful to set the mind on the present and change an attitude to one of positivity, promise and probability. 10 minutes a day is a gift.

Review the to-do list for the day. No more than 5 items listed in priority order, perhaps consult the weekly and monthly priorities to ensure steps taken are in the general direction of how I want to feel, my desired state.

Attend to health and fitness, consider choices with some consciousness and no guilt. If today is the day I want a glass of wine or a piece of fudge, then let it be. If today I am determined to keep to my healthy foods and abundance of water, than celebrate success for using my will power. In some cases it is won’t power! Celebration and acknowledgment and positive self talk, following conscious decision making is a wonderful practice. Exercise in the form of walking, the gym, learning to run, 4 minute tabata workout etc. enjoy the sweat.

A ten minute tidy, I heard Faith use this phrase. At the end of my work day I clean off my desk, tidy the papers and put away my daytimer. How else can I declutter and simplify my workstation? I am now practicing this same activity at my home office. As well, commit to removing one item from my bedroom every day …. A piece of clothing I no longer enjoy, a book I won’t read again,a hat I bought on impulse and has lost its shape, a sock with a hole in it. One item times 365 days can be serious decluttering!

Gratitude. I keep a specific journal by my bed to list at least three different things I am grateful for at the end of the day. Try to keep variety and hopefulness as part of the practice. Having a beautiful journal is part of the experience. A nice pen and reading glasses always at the ready is also part of the luxury.

Getting enough sleep. My phone is set to remind me at 8 pm that it is time to retire for the day. I am up early in the morning and want to ensure I am the best I can be each day, which equates, for me, that I have slept my full 8 hours. While not always possible, I believe that the routine is good for me and I don’t mind breaking the rules from time to time.

Date night. I enjoy movies, dinner out, and walks on them beach with my partner. I make a commitment to time spent when the focus is on our relationship and our future, and always for fun and enjoyment of time together. Date weekends are also a great idea.

Planning travel is part of my every day activities however and whenever I can fit it in. Vision boards, making flight arrangements, saying yes to opportunities that come my way as a travel consultant. I am always on the look out for dream vacation ideas. I also search out vacations for others so am always finding ideas that are new for me and open yet more doors for international experiences. You can reach me at pmacdonald@cruiseshipcenters.com or shop my website at your leisure http://www.PamelaMacDonald.cruiseshipcenters.com

More ideas are welcome and I invite you to share your rituals with me.

Have a meaningful and fun day!



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