The last 24 hours

The last 24 hours

Sunday morning I had a meaningful call with DR. It was my turn to interview her and encourage her to stretch and reach to her highest and best. Some 90 minutes zipped by as we rode the river of love and abundance together.

Vision in common: living in a penthouse condo on a sandy warm beach. On my 100th birthday a line of people down the beach to speak of the honor of my influence in their lives. That I showed up made a difference. And in all the generations to come. In gratitude we honor each other. As witness to the journey we each take. What love is this? Love is in the details. Listening, understanding and taking time to care. Speak from the heart. We are one. I care deeply about you and want to hear your story. I love you.

“if I had the time and energy, I would be everyone’s best friend!”.

Compassion, caring love, like a child, playful and with joy and ease. No inhibitions, laughing.

Holding the vision, I am interviewing Oprah. I am hosting DeWitt Jones and the National Geographic. I am traveling the world and speaking as an honored guest on cruise ships. I share stories accompanied by my photos and paintings. I am vulnerable as I celebrate my joy with unlimited energy and enthusiasm.

I went shopping to assist Deb to select her celebratory coming out dress for her personal growth journey. About five hours enjoying some time together. Home to watch the Academy Awards with my partner. Great fun. I began the first reading week of Gabrielle Bernstein May Cause Miracles book.

This morning I start back on phase 1 of PQ program for healthy weight management with Univera. A new goal is set, the wind is blowing and I am ready for meditation, mindful eating, accountability partners and some time on my vision and purpose.

Today hopefully my new website will start to take shape, Perhaps some water color painting, certainly laundry, meeting with franchise partner to discuss business, and my daughter is off on another journey of exploration in her life. Accent Inns have posted my blog and paintings as well as photographs on their website for international sharing. Wow! Attracting greatness.

Today is full of love and life as my river rapids are bubbling with excitement. Preparation for sky diving, travel back to Greece, applying for and preparing for new livelihood and higher income. I visualize and affirm my future in playful detail and I feel love and excitement, living my bliss.

I am grateful for relationships, significance, mastermind, friendship, Univera, world travel, competence, happiness, feeling giddy and playful, meditation and showing up as the leading lady in my own life movie, singing my song.

Thanks for joining me.

With love,


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