Culture of YES!

Who do I surround myself with? What are the actions I take every day to live in my culture of “yes”? What books I read and listen to keep me fine tuned to this positive frame of thought. When I look out life’s window and in to my soul, what are the limitless possibilities and what then are the probabilities?

I have a vision, a dream, a way of life I aspire to live. I visualize and affirm, in sensory detail the feelings and experiences I foresee. A premonition of my present in the future. I take steady and small steps daily toward the general direction of my desires.

It may be a bit like visiting a foreign land as a traveler. I am a foreigner at first and then as I learn the language and meet the community slowly and surely I become one with the tribe. I am in and creating a culture. A great mentor of mine, Renee, says “when a particle meets a wave”.

The world changes when I show up living my true purpose.

My craft, my art, is communication with women around the world. I take steps and relay my experiences for the world to take note of. One or two or many more will sit up and breathe in a new inspiration and take some action. I create a movement.

Thanks ever so much for joining me and being witness to my craft and my life. I cherish you for simply being present with me as I climb.

With love and deep gratitude,


Ps. I love SUCCESS magazine, check it out at your local magazine stand!

Pss. My favorite authors right now, Mike Dooley and Danielle LaPorte … Check them out on Audible!

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