On land in UK

On land in UK

Ahoy. We landed, and it was such a beautiful morning. Lights along the shore coming in to Southampton. Nice to see something other than vast ocean. Although, I very much enjoy the view of the sea. Clear view of land, and the harbor.

We had packed up last night and left our possessions in the hallway for pick up. This morning, after breakfast and using up my Internet minutes, we disembarked. We picked up our luggage at white 1 section. Using a cart, we found the truck to store our things for the day and for loading on to Queen Victoria. Now we are on board a large bus which has been assigned to take us on our tour to Southampton and Salisbury and then return to this harbor for embarkation on the next cruise. This is a lifestyle I love.

I just noticed we are on land, I don’t feel much different. I am wearing my lovely long black wool coat, tall black boots, a splash of color with scarf. I am toting a lulu lemon bag with gloves and a hat. I had no idea what to expect for weather today. It is mild and a bit grey now …. With promise of a lovely day.

A large cruise ship, P&O line, is also in port with us. It was so beautiful lit up this morning that I took some pictures. I can’t seem to post pictures on my WordPress blog? Maybe one of you can assist me with how I do that. I had borrowed a book on iPads from the library on Queen Mary 2. I am hopeful the library on Queen Victoria is more extensive and they have good resources. Thee were no iPad or lap top classes on this past cruise. Too bad. I could really use some assistance.

I noticed the driver of our bus is sitting in the passenger seat (or would be if we were in Canada or other parts of North America). That will be fun to experience today. The only other time I have been to England is at the airport when we did the Oceania transatlantic crossing and our flight was delayed at Heathrow airport. Not really a vacation over night. I look forward to a few days in London some time to see the bridge, and tower, and perhaps see a live show.

It is 920 am here and we are still in the port area. Time of tour to start is 915. The bus has about 14 passengers, so I am expecting a small crowd today. Ok. A few more joining us now. We are all wearing red circle shaped stickers, with number 2 indicating we are one group. I am so excited.

Final count is 24 passengers on the bus now.

As I sit mindfully I notice excitement and anxiety show up similarly in my body responses. Interesting. Perhaps whenever I am nervous, I am really just excited!

I am comfortable in this weather, however many others on the bus seem to be complaining of heat …. I am snuggled up in my winter coat.

A few of my loyal friends and customers through Expedia Cruiseshipcenters have been in touch with me to assist with their next vacation. I am relying on a friend back home to assist, at least until I get back.

I feel happy and content. I have started to hear a slight British accent coming from me at times. I love my international life and so glad you have joined me on the journey.

Ciao for now,

Love Pam, the older and wiser than yesterday and student of tomorrow.

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