Last day on Queen Mary 2

Outside last day

Hello and what a beautiful sunny day at sea.  The horizon sparkles in the bright sunshine, no waves, colored sky of blues, with scattered fluffy clouds.  The odd sea bird promises land not too far away.

We took a walk around the promenade and although a little windy from our fast moving ocean liner, it is quite lovely out there.  

We picked up some packing material and a box to take some of our wine bottles that are Cunard label, so we can take them with us for the next voyage, departing tomorrow from Southampton.

There was a water color painting exhibition today and with a great deal of encouragement I let my rendition of Stonehenge hang on the wall.  I actually love the painting and yet am so unpracticed that I also feel shy to be on display.  Using my 20 seconds of courage, I let it go to the organizers for the show.  I now have retrieved it and will try to post a picture on my blog.  

The rest of the day is dedicated to eating, of course, packing, drinking wine, talking to our new friends, and preparing for tomorrows disembarkation in Southampton.  Following our pass through customs, we will join our excursion to see Stonehenge and the medieval town of Salisbury in England.  

Looking forward to a day of sightseeing and being among the stones of time.  Then embarkation on our next voyage aboard Queen Victoria also with Cunard.  We can expect similar activities on board, including I hope, more opportunities for dancing and watercolor painting.  

Although we have been through the shops briefly, I have not purchased anything, and I expect the wares will be similar on our next ship.

Well, time to plan my wardrobe for tonight and tomorrow.  And what to pack up for the adventure.  

Love to all.  I am very much enjoying this new year.

  Oh, and did I tell you that there is a couple on board who have been on Cunard ships for over 5 years in total days cruising?  

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