How old is this construction of stones in circle formation? The first stones in this area were laid out in 3500 BC. The tour guide showed us the slight valley where the stones were moved from previous location to this present day site. All along the valley is referred to as the “avenue.”

Also along the Avenue, we can see the large mounds on the horizon and quite far away, which were used for the burial of wealthy men… Not on site of the stones, however, just burial mounds along the avenue.

Several circles around the area. This is the only one we visit today. Also, even on this site there were several years of stones in configuration. What an intriguing place. So full of history.

Up until 10,000 years ago there was land bridge connecting England and Europe. People of the day started to settle here and honor their dead. Mounds around site are indicative of the new way of life for people away from the nomadic hunter gatherer clans. People started to call this place home.

Salisbury is a quaint little village. Huge cathedral, and inside lies the original magna carta so we went in. The beginning of human rights anywhere in print. What an awesome sight to behold.

We ventured to check out little town streets. No major purchases,I needed more time. Had tapas in a lovely little cafe place. Not enough time for leisure window shopping, and we got a taste of this small but significant area.

Old homes had one chimney per room. Some exaggerated to make place look bigger than really is for status by adding more chimneys than needed. Fuel here is very expensive so gas or electric heating is used today, also expensive. There was flooding here lately but today not a drop of rain thankfully. In fact this season had the second highest rainfall recorded in history. Crops failed and some damaged caused by the rising waters.

230 pm we are back on the coach and driving toward Southampton, heading to our next cruise.

In this area of England there is no building going on. They have been experiencing recession since 2009 and now in the second wave of it. People can’t sell and taxes are high. Sheep and pigs grazing in the countryside, as well as horses and donkeys. Cute to see.

My short shopping day consisted of a Union Jack flag for grandsons and deck of cards for my daughters. Nothing yet for mom and I.

Back on a ship and heading for New York.


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