Dancing and delights

Mrs MacDonald

What a laugh.  What fun.  Dancing rumba …. Steve has decided it is easier to stand still and wiggle a bit while I dance around him on this particular dance.  It seems all dance instructors have a little different way about them.  some of the footwork is complicated.

We have enjoyed the dancing every day for an hour in groups.  The time is being changed mid day, so it is just after 11 am going on one pm.  Time to eat again! We have met some great people on this ocean liner.  Many who have traveled extensively with Cunard before.  Last night my faithful maitre d asked a question, and called Steve Mr MacDonald.  We had a chuckle.  Society has a habit of seeing a couple with the same last name.

The wind outside is howling and as we step outside on the sheltered balcony, into the sunshine, a breath of fresh air enters our beautiful stateroom.

We have breakfast in the dining room usually, the coffee is better, says Steve and the table service is nice.  Lunch is fast in the buffet and the salad bars are plentiful.  Fresh water is great there, and keeping hydrated is a very good idea.

I got a book out of the library on operating the iPad to see if there are some tips I can learn.  Ice bucket is ready in our room for champagne tonight.  We also have cocktail party with the Captain again tonight, we were there last night and another night as well.  

Tonight is the Ascot Ball, and I have learned it is all about the hat.  Of course, I am here without my lovely hats.  I wish I had known and I would have brought my white silk hat with colored flowers or one of my large floppy hats to decorate.  At 5 pm I might be able to decorate something?  Maybe I can wear Steve’s and add a bow?

We have our shore excursion tickets to Stone Henge, and transfer information to get our bags on the Queen Victoria for the cruise back to New York.

That is all for now.  Captain’s message at noon …. Just happening now.

Today is a special birthday for Queen Mary 2.  Nine years ago today it was named by Queen Elizabeth of England.  Another reason to celebrate this day.

Ciao and I hope you are having a great sunny day of celebration wherever you are.

Love Pam 

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