Best wishes

Good morning and happy birthday to Elvis

It is stunningly beautiful to have a balcony stateroom while out on the wild ocean, sunshine so bright that it makes the world a very happy place.  The water is alive with sparkles. 

Much like walking on cobblestones of yesteryear, there is a magic of being out on the ocean and surrounded by nothing but nature and times past.  There is familiarity of seeing the ocean on the horizon, however also awareness of the vast time and space of days gone by.  We are moving at a good speed and the waves are soothing and gently rock me to sleep.  Perhaps it has the affect on everyone who enjoys the sensation of nature contributing the movement.  

Today I am conscious of the anniversary of the day my father passed out of this world.  I remember clearly that early morning departure, and the days, weeks and years of him in my life.  I have enjoyed a wonderful history with him.  I reflect on many life stories on this day and am so grateful for the experiences.  

Also today I celebrate my own life, and think about my mother, my age and birthdays past.  Truly this is a day of reflection.  One more full sea day so today will stand out as a special day of family memories.  Again, I am so grateful I selected this way to spend this day: out at sea holding in my heart these happy memories.  

I anticipate my life may be half over, should I live to to be a healthy old age.  I expect with all the learning I have had in this first half I will contribute even more in my next segment of life.  I am an elder now, and enjoy some wisdom.  It seems to be coming faster to me and I love to share it freely.  

It is curious to me that the learning was always available to me and many have taken the lessons before me.  We all have access to the potential in the world, I am intrigued at how our filters keep us in the dark.

Going on as a lighthouse, a beacon of wisdom to share, as well as to receive in order for my little light to shine.  I never know how my presence is felt by others, and how important I may be in the life of someone else.

I am knowing in my heart the impact others have made on my life.

In gratitude today, as I reflect, and in anticipation for all the tomorrow’s we will share as we journey on with linked arms.  I am content and happy.  I am excited and positive.

Ciao to all on this special day, you know who you are.

With love Pam 

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