Another sea day

Post 5

Many fiercely loyal passengers sail on Cunard liners.  I have been told the Queen Mary 2 is not to be called a cruise ship, but rather an ocean liner.  There is some prestige in it,  I guess.  Many people use the transatlantic crossings to come to visit family in the US and Canada, and to go home to England, preferring this transportation to flying.

There are 50 or so passengers sailing on this segment that will join us on the return on Queen Victoria.  A fair number are on the last leg of their long cruise, and some just starting out on a four month journey at sea.  Wow, what must that be like?

During the day there are so many options that it is physically impossible to attend even all the ones I like.  Starting with walks around the deck, crossword puzzles, trivia 3 times a day, bridge playing and lessons, sports activities, insight lectures about ships, history, the Royal family, art, casino instruction, health and fitness tips, flower arranging, water color painting, writing workshops, golf tournaments, acupuncture, martini mixing, wine tasting, food carving, and so much more; even a chef.s workshop and tour of the common areas of the ship.

Tonight there was two showings of the opera Madam Butterfly in 3 D.  There is two presentations with David Copperfield.  There are dancing options every night including ballroom and a jazz club.  Piano lounge, singers, pianist, dj, Latin dancing, and a big band ball.

There is a cover over the pool and hot tubs so that passengers can enjoy that pleasure while cruising.  The movies are different every day.  There are actors and actresses on board who get interviewed.  Tonight is also a special James Bond event in the casino.  

Dining venues are plenty as well, with international featured cuisine every night, as well as a late night buffet.  The library is beautiful.

Today salsa dancing was the lesson, and the gym is open for those wanting to exercise the body.  

Off the ship are helpful Cunard extras such as storing baggage in Southampton for up to 30 days.  

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