Third day at sea

Post 4 third Day at sea

Routine is starting to set in.  The hours are less, we change our clocks at noon.  It immediately skips the first hour to one pm.  Yesterday this happened and I had been to water color painting class in the morning, 10 am to noon.  I left the class early so that Steve and I could partake in the delightful tango dance lesson.  

Then it was one o’clock.  We grabbed a quick buffet lunch and then got tickets for the planetarium show.  It was hosted by Tom Hanks and lasted 25 minutes on the universe.  There was repeated times for the show.  And no tickets left.  At 9 am people go pick them up on deck 1.  The seats in the planetarium recline and with the subtle rocking of the ship, it is tempting to doze off.

There are many shows and events, and at least three different enrichment opportunities with guest speakers.  I have not made it to any of them yet, but our lovely dinner guests have attended and give us the abbreviated version at dinner time.  

Table for 8 with one American couple, two from England and us.  All very educated, well dressed and wonderfully kind.  It is such a delightful group.  Then we are the last people in the Brittania restaurant and go directly to the show in the Royal Theatre.  

Two nights ago we danced and enjoyed the formal black and white ball.  Last night we attended the Captains welcome cocktail party and we had an earlier evening and came back after the show.  Today the seas are a bit rougher.  We had to give up another hour at noon and I only attended half a painting class.  

In the evening we select the activities for the next day, many. Cha cha the first day, tango day 2 and today salsa dancing was on the menu.  

The captain warned of a bit rougher seas, and advised us that the water is warmer than the air outside.  There is a bit of snow on the promenade of the ship from this morning.  It seems strange to me to see snow way out at sea.  This is my first cruise in winter in colder parts of the globe.  

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