First sea day North Atlantic

Post 3′ the first sea day. 

We had a lovely evening eating, checking out the ship, had a lovely bottle of red wine from Chile, Mapu Reserva, Carmenere, Baron Phillippe de Rothschild, Maipo Valley.  Lots of names for a lovely red recommended by our server.  We did not yet have our complimentary champagne from the captain.  Perhaps tonight.

We did some walking outside in the crisp night air and took pictures of the Statue of Liberty and the lights of the city, including the Empire State building.  We sailed under the Brooklyn bridge, which we also enjoyed.

Then a wee snack, I had the best tiny little meringue with caramel and some topping, gluten free of course, and a piece of wheat less dark chocolate cake.  It was one piece of cake too much.

I will stay away from such rich stuff tonight.  

Having a fabulous balcony makes the sights and light from the ocean entertaining.  

This morning egg white omelet and some mushrooms, grilled tomato.

Just now we did our immigration for the United Kingdom.  Prior to that, a walk around to see Illuminations and log on to Internet.  I had a cup of peppermint tea and am preparing to head to the watercolor painting class.  I have 2 two hour sessions of painting today and more tomorrow I hear.  I am told it is not everyday.  We also have cha cha lessons later today and prepare for formal night and black and white ball this evening.

Well, off to my class now.  I hope all is well with you.

With love, from my sea adventure,


Ps.  For those curious to know, the seas are good, little white caps shining in bright sun.  It is breathtaking really.  Wish you were here to see it (sea it). Xox

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