iPhone technology for travel

Ok … I just have to say what a delight it is to travel with the right tools!  

iPhone for texting, checking mail in airports, checking the time, and instant message on Skype, and Facebook check in.  Wow.  Second to my iPad.  I love the iPad.  I even would love a mini one, just so I can keep buying them.  

iPad takes phenomenal pictures, I write my blog in Evernote and then copy and paste to the WordPress site.  I can Skype with grandsons, and instant message on Skype with friends, letting people know how I am doing.

And they are charging now, as I snuggle in for the night to enjoy my kobo ereader.  I have read a few great books today.  One really spoke to me, Reprogram your subconscious – use the power of your mind to get everything you want by Kelly Wallace.  

Great ereader on the iPad for kindle kobo and audible.  When did I become so techie?  I don’t remember but I sure love it.

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