Friendly skies of Alaska

Blog 2. The friendly skies of Alaska

Well, I am not in Alaska, or near Alaska or even going in the direction of Alaska. I am flying AlaskaAir.

What is noteworthy is the price and convenience of flying from YYJ. The timing was perfect for the flight and I thank my travel partners at Western Vacations for assisting me to find this great deal. No television, no movies, just the sweet roar of the power as this safe plane traverses the country and takes me to the east coast.

The luggage checked costs extra. Somehow it makes me feel like it will arrive when I do. One checked bag each and a carry on we checked coming on the plane in order to get priority seating. We were early in the line today at the airport and secured leg room and exit row seats. Ok. Really, that is all it takes for me to be a very happy customer!

But there is more. The snacks are extra, from a menu of hot and not so hot items for purchase. But wait … What is this? Gluten free vegan menu item. Yes Lori, we could eat the same thing! Wish you were here to enjoy the moment.

It is by far the BEST snack ever served to me. Lovely multigrain crackers, hummus, green olives. ( yes Sheena, I got the tasty bag all to myself). Almonds, dried apricots and apples, and a very lovely square of dark chocolate for dessert. I devoured the treats and savored each precious bite. I could not wait to write this blog entry to tell you all about it!

Enjoying a disposable glass of red wine, also quite tasty and perfect compliment to my snack.

Food will be delightful on this trip. New York must offer gastronomical delights? For those of you who have been here before, send me your suggestions for eats in the Manhattan Times Square district for my few days in New York later this month.

In a New York mInute we will be landing. I am so grateful for this trip, the book I am reading about changing my subconscious and my future, and for my traveling companions with me and at home.

This will be, and in some ways already is, another trip of a lifetime. Bucket list travel is to be savored and recorded, shared and told as stories.

Thanks for listening, and reading and being in my corner. You know who you are!

With love

Pam, Mom, Grammie, friend

Ps.  Some of you have been following my tale of the black cashmere coat. When I lost 75 pounds a few years ago, I did not replace my over coats. I live is beautiful Victoria where the weather is mild and heavy winter coats are only needed a day or two a year, or for travel. Many travels take me to warmer climates so I did not need to get a new coat. My dear friend Pat loaned me a fabulous black coat while I searched. I found and purchased a long black stunningly beautiful coat for this trip from Long Tall Sally on line, and then took a day trip with friend Deb, to pick it up. I feel dressed up and very warm in this once in a lifetime purchase. Pictures to follow!

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