33 Kusadasi


33 Kusadasi Turkey

We had done some research before we left home and decided to take a shore trips excursion in Kusadasi for sight seeing Ephesus and other sights of this place.  It was such a great decision!  Sami was our tour guide, picked us up at 730 am in a Mercedes van.  Wew had leg room and comfort, just the 4 of us, Sami and the driver.
We started as the first guest at Mary’s house atop a hill.  It was peaceful cool and beautiful.  I was surprised and delighted.   We heard a few stories from our guide and were left to find a personal space and time to see what we wanted to see.  It was spectacular.  Had we not done this tour I would have missed this moment.  It was a highlight in a day full of highlights.  S
I took pictures, lit a candle and washed my face from the spring water.  It was personal and so lovely.  Off to the largest archeological sight in the world, Ephesus.  Several hours of climbing over marble steps and waiting for people to move so I could get a good picture.  I got to see Marilyn and Alex, as well as Mamey and Dan ….  Spectacular day.  Hot hot sun and treasure upon treasure.  Story after story.  Surprising and delightful all.  This is a must see for everyone.  I loved this port and the excursion.  It took my breath away.
After we went to another few sites, then a lovely lunch in an authentic Turkish cafe.  They had beer and I enjoyed a few bottles of cool water after such a hot walk for 5 hours!  
Then we walked to a Turkish carpet dealer who also demonstrated for us the making of Turkish carpets, both wool and silk.  We had a sales presentation and all enjoyed the beverages.  We narrowed it down to two lovely smaller carpets of high quality.  We did not agree on the same one so left them both.  I am ok with that decision but I think I would have enjoyed a carpet after all.  I now think I would research and maybe get one next time.  Kusadasi was magical as was the magic carpet ride.
Off to see the one column left from the pillars of Artemis.  Then a scenic route to a few of the lovely hotel districts for tourists.  I quite liked this town.
Back to the ship, as promised with about 40 minutes to spare.  I bought some pure olive oil soap.  I would have loved olive oil but that did not present itself.  I have been very restrained from making purchases.  Two tourist days left, Chania Crete in Greece and then a day in Rome on our own time before we go home.  
Everyone seems a bit tired, from the sun, from the late nights with the wine, and from the excitement of the sights and walking in historical and ancient times.
I would be happy to return to this place one day.
So wish you could be here.  I am always wanting my family and friends to have these experiences with me.  One day…..
Big love and a hug
The boarder of my favorite carpet had xoxoxxoxo all around.  It did seem to be speaking to me of the special adventures we might have together.  It seems that journey was short lived.  I am not taking the carpet home.  

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