32 Athens


32 Athens 

Hello from very warm and sunny Athens.  We had a city tour on the cruise line excursion through Piraeus.  Interesting stats, one third of the people from Greece live in Athens area.  It is a large city and includes the outlying areas in that stat.  
We went by some harbors which include a marina for private yachts, an industrial harbor and another one smaller and used to be used for military purpose in another time.  Some spots where growth was planned for underground public transport found archeological findings so there are little protected areas all over the city.  Much is also in museums so we are seeing replicas in the same spots.  
The drive to Athens included the climb to the acropolis.  We walked up marble steps and took many photos of this fabulous area and great view.  We saw all our travel friends on the steps at the top.  Even though we all took different means to get there, we ended up there together.
I find it harder to do my own thing as a traveler when I am with such a bigger crowd.  Everyone has needs and wants and I tend to just go along.  I really don’t need anything and am grateful I had time in Greece to explore.  One more stop in Greece, Crete, in a few days.  I will spend a bit of time on my own perhaps then.  No tours.
In the meantime, we had a lunch stop in a nice area and I enjoyed feta and olives as well as some water to drink.  The rest had beer and bread and fish or souvlaki.  I got some sun yesterday afternoon on the ship so wanted to get some lotion, aloe Vera for my après sun skin.
Tomorrow is Turkey and more walking and ruins.  I have very much enjoyed the diversity of Greece and especially the small islands and whitewashed buildings. Athens is not the quaint size that I prefer, however, offers something interesting.  I would not go out of my way to return to Athens I don’t think.  I prefer Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Lesvos and Mytiline.  I now know that I have preference for small scenic towns over the larger cities.
I feel like I could have lived around here in some other life … To be so enamored with the whitewashed walls and Santorini blue domes, red tile roofs and beautiful clear blue sea.
Oh, I also enjoyed the salt water pool in the solarium adult pool area on the ship.
Ok.  In the bus back to the ship. Good bye Athens!  

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