34 Chania Greece


34 Chania Crete Greece 

Pronounced hania, spelled a variety of ways including xania.  We happily greet the day in this lovely port of call, the last on the 7 day cruise with Royal Caribbean International, on Navigator of the Seas.  I am attending a Seminar at Sea through my work as a travel consultant so am enjoying the learning and adventure.
No tours or excursions booked, in fact, no research on this port and I know nothing about it.  We catch a city bus arranged by the cruise line to take us the six plus kms ( or miles?) in to the town.  Cost is 1.50 euro each person each way.  Seems like a good choice.  I had no idea it was so far from the pier, and happy with the standing room only on the bus.  Steve and I take the bus together.  Marilyn and Alex are already there and we plan to meet up at 10 am where the bus drops us off.  We arrive around 930 so wander a bit down some shopping streets.
Sarah and Sergei have decided to skip this port.  Exhaustion has set in for them and they decide to stay on the ship and relax for the day
Back on Chania, the 4 of us meet up.  We purchase some olive oil soaps and carry on the browsing and checking out the local wares.  We head slowly and steadily toward the water with intention to find the beach.  We have heard there are beautiful beaches on Crete and we are reluctant to return from our last port day without setting foot in the Mediterranean sea.
Steve is warm and also exhausted and heads back to find his way on the bus to the ship.  Marilyn, Alex and I keep walking along the lovely coastline, past a marina and a few restaurants headed for certain waterfront.  I recall there was a city bus transfer that takes folks to the beaches, but we keep walking toward our destination.  We pass beautiful sights, lighthouse perched on the end of the stone breakwater and many shops and cafe’s along the waterway.  Success at last greets us as we find the umbrella dotted sandy beach.  I hae forgotten to bring my bathing suit but the other two have theirs.  I roll up my pant legs and wade in to the crystal clear waters for refreshment.
Tiny sea fishes, seeming to be the same ones that I have witnessed nibbling on people’s feet who pay for this service in little spa service storefronts in some of the ports of call.  These same fishes nibble on feet here at he beach.  Interesting it is not something I care to experience.  I keep moving to avoid the encounter.  
We head on back to meet our bus transfer back to the ship, with an early disembarkation time of 230 pm today.  We arrive with lots of time to spare, grab a bit of lunch and head up or a swim and lay on the deck to watch the sail away.  
Last port on this cruise.  Windy on deck.  I am tired and when getting ready for late dining at Portofino restaurant, I start to sneeze.  I thought at first it was an allergy but later discovered it turn into  cold like symptoms.  
Dinner reservations for 830 pm for table of 6 was great food and slow service, and by 11 pm I was finished and headed back to my stateroom.

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