31 entry


31 entry,  1 October 2012

Aboard Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas on a familiarization cruise.  I arrived yesterday after my fabulous train ride from Venice.  In my room by about 3 ish.  I unpacked and was soon joined by Steve and his daughter who had found each other in the check in queue.  
At 7 pm I attended a welcome cocktail party put on by RCCI and it was lovely. I met up with Sian and her mom, very nice.  Steve joined us too and we had a drink together.  We were introduced to the RCCI representative who is lovely and sweet.
We joined our table of 10 at 830 with the people named above and Marilyn and her daughter Alex.  I had a wonderful sea bass.  It was great to see everyone and to enjoy a table together with my peeps.  The ship is big and a bit confusing I think.  Not a good flow, to my liking.  
After dinner we went together to do some dancing but most people were exhausted from the travel and time difference.  I am well acclimatized after two weeks already.  It was cool in Rome and Civitavecchia and even a bit rainy.  So not a nice sail away party but we had a drink and sat up in the top deck overlooking the water and watched as the ship pulled away.
Steve was so exhausted.  The evening was short for a few of us and for some, perhaps a bit more partying took place.  
This morning, the plan was to meet for 9 am for breakfast in Windjammer which is the lido buffet.  We met, we ate and I discovered the omelet station.  It was a very busy breakfast place as we pulled in to the port of call in Messina Sicily.  Beautiful scenery and a wonderful view.  
Once we all gathered at around 11 am for disembarkation, we hired a taxi for 6 of us to drive the 35-40 km to Taormina.  It was a lovely drive and the sun shine brightly on our adventure.  We enjoyed the view along the way and anticipation of the sights to behold when we arrived.  A few took a tour through the ancient theatre and the rest of us walked around the small quaint city and I took many pictures.  Lots of Greek mythology in this place and great walls, stairways and alleys.  The buildings are well kept too.  And the view was breathtaking of the sea below.
Back in the taxi and return to Messina as promised, after having two hours in Taormina.  We saw the famous cathedral with the horoscope clock as well as the world clock. We walked the short distance back to the ship.  A few of us took in a bit of sun.  
Tomorrow is a sea day and looking forward to a nice day.  I have a class in the morning and the. Plan to spend the afternoon by the pool catching some rays.
Tonight the show is at 7 and then late dining for dinner.  Meeting Marilyn and her daughter.  Sarah and Sergei are not answering their phone so not sure what their plans are.  I hope Sian and her mom enjoyed their tour, I guess I will find out at dinner.  
It is great to be handing out with Steve here in Europe.  We travel differently but enjoy each others company nevertheless.  
Time for the show.
Love Pam

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