30 entry, 30 …


30 entry, 30 September, birthday thoughts

Happy birthday my daughter!  A flurry of Internet activity as I attempted to log on in Florence.  Success, still on train.  Checked in on Facebook, read a few emails I received, posted a few blog posts.  Now it is gone.  That was super fun and unexpected.  The benefits of being prepared and curious.  
Going through beautiful vineyards and lovely red tile roofs on both sides of train.  Third time the conductor has now been through checking tickets.  I am looking forward to seeing Steve and all the rest on the cruise ship.  I am energized by the quick email frenzy and Internet connection, the sun beating in my window and the anticipation of the day.  
I love to travel alone.  I don’t under value the travel with friends and family but especially am excited by having the moments to enjoy being in the present.  I think I am more mindful when alone but with others around.  I have not been reading any books since I started this trip.  I have been writing and practicing communication skills.
I got  a wee birthday email wish off to my daughter and read a few from Steve catching me up to his departure flight for Rome.  He is likely there now.  On the ship and settling in.  Maybe even taking a nap or finding his daughter?  

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