29 train ride


29 the train ride to Rome

Stops a few spots, people get off and new passengers get on car 7. Second stop is Padova and I see  McDonalds through a break in the buildings.  The train car is almost full now, again.  Interesting …  Glad I do not have to change to another train except in Rome.  Not much time for getting stuff off train and moving on to next train.  
People still taking their seats and already we are moving.  No one has checked my ticket yet.  I wonder how many people just get on without tickets?  The honor system. 
A very well dressed classy two mature women who once sat quietly in their gold jewels and black dress suits are now looking uncomfortable as the seats all around them are full with moms and children on laps, coloring and reaching.  Silk scarves and hair perfectly coiffed sitting stiffly and trying to read, I can almost imagine their thoughts.  
I enjoy the memories and mind pictures of birthdays when my daughters were young.  I miss my little girls and remember some moments with a smile on this day. 
I enjoy the greenery of the fast landscape around me.  So beautiful and scenic through Italy. The gal across from me finally finishes her call and is joined by someone in the next seat.  She texts. The universal electronic language!  
They both are now.  Hmmmmmm, probably not to each other.  We will be stopping in Bologna at some point.  I don’t remember where that is on the map or in the country but I think it is a major center.  
Pictures are blurry, but I will continue to try to capture the journey with the iPad.  Ferrara is a station of beauty.  
Very large estates can be seen out my window and then small towns with little industry near the tracks.
The conductor was just by, a few hours in to the ride to check tickets.  I guess I am on the right train!  I smile in gratitude.
The countryside is dotted with red tiled roofs and large green flat plots of land used for agriculture of various kinds.  
Small farms, large estates, sparse trees, wooded areas, electrical lines connecting them all.  
Firenze, I have been here before, last year by train with Marilyn, Liz and the other gals who travelled with us.  I pour from my shot glass each morning when I am home, memories of Florence.  It is beautiful blue sky and sunny here.  Many moves, people leaving the train and more coming on I believe as we head to Roma termini.  There I will stretch and change trains to Civitavecchia.
Ciao for now, my friends and family, 
With love 

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