28 on train


28. Just made it on train.

Fast train to Rome, number 9413′ lane 3′ car 7′ seat 12 a window.  It is the back of the train and takes me a while to walk it.  Last car.  Almost back of train last car.  A man helps me lift luggage on train.  His woman friend watches as she has her last cigarette.  Lots of people here smoke I find.  Anyway, as I find my seat, she is seated across from me and talking on her phone.  
There are announcements I cannot hear over her talking in Italian.  People are still getting on.  It looks like a beautiful and comfy seat.  Overhead I place my red suitcase, umbrella, green pillow, and lift my grey hard suitcase.  I have my lulu lemon purse carry on with iPad and documents on my lap.  A table is in front of me for ease of typing.
We have not left yet and I am hopeful I am on the right train.   I loved the last minute chat with the ladies from Cunard cruise and the time zipped on past.  I look forward to the sights I will see today and the excitement building as I get closer to Steve and the next cruise adventure.  We are moving.  Ahhhhhhhhh ….. Ohhhhhhhhh ……  Here I go!
I can see the Cunard ship out the window and say a silent fond goodbye, ciao.
Love Pam
Wish you were here ….

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