Entry 22 Corfu and then some


Entry 22. Corfu and beyond

Corfu resembled a large city in Europe, much like Venice I am told, with high buildings and narrow lanes, cobblestone streets, and an old center, fortress, greenery around the city and of course shopping for tourists!  We walked and walked, looked up, photographed doors and stairways.  We ended up in behind and off the beaten track.  Delighted by the sights, staring with smiles, using our iPads we kept moving.
We stopped in a corner cafe in the heat of the day to access the Internet, post blogs and pictures, check email, and use the facilities.  It was enchanting.  While not at all my favorite place, it was busy with 3 Silversea cruise ships in port and the Ocean Princess.  Shopping was delightful with so many choices and even some upscale shops.  Kumquats are a fruit grown here and liquors are sold, as well as limoncello, in many of the local shops.  Jewellery, clothes, products with olive oil and aloe contents are also on display for competitive comparison.  
We bought a few gifts and returned to the ship mid afternoon.  I went up to enjoy a refreshing dip in the ships pool.  Penny packed a large suitcase of items she won’t see again until she gets home.  We are starting to plan for our disembarkation in Venice as there is early morning to consider and our luggage.  We will do a practice run tomorrow so we know what to do.
Last evening we enjoyed the wine we purchased in Katakolon, and spent the evening chatting and dancing with our new table mate friends.  It was lovely and enjoyable and I hope we all stay in touch.  The wine seems to pack a punch so this morning we have a later start …  (smile).
It was our last day in Greece and not really as “Greece -like” as many of the other ports of call.  I very much am enamored with the traditional white wash, blue domes, cobblestone streets and pedestrian walkways winding through lovely areas.  I have loved Greece and look forward to Athens next week with Steve, Sarah, Sergei, Marilyn, her daughter, Sian and her mother.  Wow another chance to see Greece!  And back to Turkey as well.  Two new ports of Sicily and Crete will be new to me as well as a fantastic day touring around Rome again.  
It feels like I have been gone for so long, two weeks already.  Wow!  Long vacations and cruises are such a getaway.  It has been amazing reconnecting with Penny and seeing all these exciting ports of call.  I have enjoyed so many highlights that perhaps I can write about on my train ride across Italy on my way to Rome to meet up for the next cruise.
Ta ta for now, ciao and a hug, 
Wish you were here.
Love Pam 
Ps. The sewer covers in Corfu had the name Pam on them ….  Hmmmmm what does that mean?  I took some pictures and smiled.  

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