Entry 23 Dubrovnik


entry 2 3 Dubrovnik, Croatia 
Well, the end of the cruise is fast approaching.  Today is the last day for duty free, sales and shopping on board.  I will also want to use my Internet minutes later today.  I have been invited to a wine tasting this afternoon at 230 pm (we had a time change last night and thankfully an extra hour of sleep).  Also tonight is a formal evening with invitation to the Commodore Club with the ships officials.  Music and dancing after that as we prepare to say good bye to our new friends.
Dubrovnik – made of stone and light.  Beautiful. Dalmatian coastline of Adriatic sea.  Southern most point in Croatia.
Only port city to rival Venice in the ancient times.  Old city small, unesco world heritage site.  Damaged in 1990 following breakup of Yugoslavia.  Lots of history.  
Beautiful red tile roofs and stone buildings line the coast as we pull in to the center of town.  Palm trees, greenery contrasts in such a visually pleasing way.  We entered under a huge bridge, more like a river cruise docking.  
Croatia is about same size of province of nova scotia , pop 4 and 3/4 million, about the same as Scotland.  Old city is about 2 miles from Cunard pier.  Dubrovnik is the extreme south of Croatia.  There is a walled city with marbled streets and palaces.  
We are getting ready to head out now, brushing teeth, and gathering our belongings for the day.  It is much cooler and there is even a light cloud in the sky ….. We have not seen anything but blue skies and hot sun since Istanbul!  In fact in Corfu one of the shop ladies said that this is usually a rainy season for them so very exceptional that we had such hot and clear skies.  It was definitely humid though!
More later tonight or tomorrow, stay tuned to more on the grand adventure.  Much love to my family and friends following this blog, photos to follow when I get home and can figure out how to add them to the blog entries.  I could use some technical assistance!  
Love the iPad, love the cruise, and I have had many moments that took my breath away.  So many laughs and beautiful pictures in my head to remember.  I am so incredibly grateful. 
Love and wishing you were here, Pam.

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