Entry 21 dinner friends


Entry 21 dinner friends

Enjoying early dining at a table for 10, we never know who the mysterious two others are, who never join us for a meal.  Their loss.  Pater and Mary, Stan and Cat, Julianne and Stewart, all join us each night to swap stories of the day and to learn a bit more about each other.  As we carefully select our sustenance and delights to consume, we share a bit of our story.  As the tales of the day unfold in stories, we enjoy a laugh or two and learn even more rich layers about each other and about the lands we are visiting.  
Each day, each evening, the closeness deepens and the friendship grow.  I see Beauty in the faces and enjoy the richness of the details of their pasts.  I think they must feel the same closeness as us, as we find ourselves spending the evenings together now by choice.  Even up to midnight a few nights of this cruise, dancing in the Yacht Club, sharing smiles and enjoying our surroundings as we travel on this luxury liner to our next port of call.
Penny and I have made it to a few of the evening events, a few shows and some dancing with our group.  It is fun and then followed by tired mornings as we rise to the excitement of the new port experiences.  Looking forward to finding new treasures, happy moments, and experiences that take our breath away.  We record each day by collage of any purchases, daily write ups for the port descriptions.
Partly because of the late night dancing and wine drinking, the blogging and recording of our days has been waiting.  Today we head to Corfu, in fact we have been in port for a few hours already and we have yet to leave our stateroom!
Our room steward was just here, we should head up for breakfast and get on with the day in Corfu, our last Greek destination on this cruise.
Time for some pictures and tales ….  Wish you were here, 
Love Pam 

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