Entry 10 Great Greek Adventure in Turkey

Entry 10, breaking all the rules

First we took a tender, Penny’s first. A very short ride in the morning sun to this exciting island, Lesvos. We popped in to a tourist info building, received a map and some directions for walking and seeing the sights. We enquired about heading to the ouzo place we learned about but the return bus would have made us miss our ship. Plan B.
Sometimes I have to be encouraged to do what is unfamiliar to my past experiences. I love traveling with friends who encourage my courage and adventurist spirit. This is one such trip with my best buds from high school and now reunited for this exploration of friendship, the past and ancient sites in Greece, Turkey and Venice.
We walked through the streets of stores, old market and lots of people delivering something or other for their small trucks. Also scooters and motor cycles. Pedestrians are of secondary concern and have to keep a sharp eye. No purchases but a few hours in we stopped for Penny to have a sweetened Greek coffee, I purchased a bottle of water and we enjoyed the free Internet from Fame Coffee.
We have been traveling with the iPads and iPhones. I seem to be technically challenged with posting pics to my blog … Once I figure it out I will have many to share. In the meantime, we are posting a few to Facebook and my journal is part of the blog.
Up and up we walked toward the Byzantine church … Added coverings for our shoulders and stepped into the culture. We took a few pictures and then set our sights on the castle fortress. Penny treated 2 Euros each to enter the ancient stone walls. The castle of Mytilene on the isand of Lesvos.
Up close and personal we entered the fortress and enjoyed small stone part buildings, imagining stories of a a time BC, many hundreds of years before BC to be closer. What was it like? And then some discussions on our youthful exploring stage of life. Singing and dancing to familiar tunes from our youth when we found some cool shady area ….few laughs were had … We found a sign that said taking pictures prohibited but we were already heading down toward town by then.
Hoping to find a secluded beach. Some place to cool down. Acknowledging we made a choice to not bring bathing suits …. Crystal clear waters of the North Aegean beckons us. We could see the stones, coral and bright red sea anemone below. Up on the road a dark man stopped his scooter, watched us for a bit while, no doubt, enjoying his cigarette!
Dried off in the hot sun and much refreshed we walked to the part of town to catch the tender. Picking up some souvenir bottles of Ouzo to share with loved ones back home and one little bottle to share on board.
Back to the ship and a fter a wee bite of salad, 3 pm….Listening to Jimmy Buffet tunes and sipping on my first taste of authentic ouzo from this island. Sitting out on the balcony marveling at my life … And
Wondering about all of the seemingly small decisions that lead me to this place.
To do yet, Pam to get a pedicure. Later today we have an iPad instruction on the ship and then semi formal for dinner.






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