Entry 11 GGA continues


Entry 11 of the Great Greek Adventure

I am not sure what day of the week -I have lost track. I do know that it was the 20th September 2012. 
As with most of the cruises I go on, the days start to flow together.  I sometimes think a world cruise might not be the best to see the world because by the time it was over, I would have trouble remembering where we started!  
Today the lovely island of Lesvos.  Perfect weather, very clear blue sky and a very good pace.  We found washrooms and Internet when we wanted coffee or a water bottle.  Very affordable resting places.  A very leisurely stroll through the streets of foreign towns.
We came home, took some pictures, had a taste of ouzo and sat watching while the ship sailed out to sea.  Then we attended a free course on tablets and specifically featuring the iPad. There will be more great courses while on this ship.  Then off to dinner with our new friends, all 3 couples that sit at our table.  There is room for two more but they have never joined us.
We have a beautiful table in the window at the back so we can see out to sea.  
Today we arranged and paid for two itineraries, one for Istanbul tomorrow to see the special mosks and Grand Bazaar.  Apparently we don’t have the correct currency as we only brought USD and Euros.  
Tomorrow night the ship stays docked until 11:30 in this city.  The largest, they say, in Europe.  We will need to be more careful tomorrow.  
All is very well on this trip.  I miss my family, however having lots of fun.  I look forward to meeting up with Steve and his family and my friends in Rome.  
For tonight, I wish you all a very good day and hope you are enjoying the blog journal of the Great Greek Adventure.
Much love to all, 

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