Entry 9. tend…

Entry 9. tender to Mytiline

We had a delightful breakfast with a lovely Australian couple who talked about a shore excursion they have booked for tomorrow in Istanbul. We took some time to get back to our spacious stateroom and a further consultation about the benefits of going on organized tour. Especially in Turkish ports. So we booked to attend the Blue Mosque, St Sophia and the Grand Bazaar which has over 4,000 booths. Wow, shopping Mecca! Can hardly wait … That is tomorrow. We also booked a lovely excursion for next week to see a winery, olive press and ancient processes. Lots of tasting is in store for us!
Today Plomari is the destination of choice. Birthplace of the very best ouzo. One of the oldest and first producer of Greece for this fine liquor. We will have to sample, to find out if their claim is in fact true. Penny and I are prepared to do this!


One comment on “Entry 9. tend…

  1. Stephen Howell says:

    Glad you are having such a great time Pam. The envy factor is pretty fierce here! I take it Turkey hasn’t got caught up in the anti-western protests going on in the rest of the Islamic world. Stay safe, have fun. Steve

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