Entry 8. Mykonos memories

Entry 8. Mykonos memories

First day on Greek soil into the cruise. Wow, the town was lovely. Penny and I choose not to take an excursion in to Mykonos. We began with complimentary shuttle in to a parking lot along the sea. There were several groups forming for walking tours and buses … We started by claiming up. Up. Up. Steps and cobblestone narrow pathways …up toward the windmills that appear to not be in use anymore. The windmills are the hallmark card of this town. They stand solitary and about 5 stand together lining the top area with view of the sea.
Several times my breath catches in my chest, deep breath and take it in. We took pics on iPads and iPhones as we would find eye watering scenes of beauty. Whitewashed buildings, blue shutters and hanging vines heavy with fragrant flowers and bright colored plants. Steps with no railings almost too small for even child feet to use. Curious. Little shops dotted the back roads as if a market place.
We arrived early enough to be there before all the shops were open. And then as if by magic the areas that looked residential sprang forth to sell their wares for us, the one cruise ship to be docked this day. White linen and cotton clothing displayed proudly. Jewels adorned window glass, hats, shoes, scarves, gelato, souvenirs and artwork …. Dotted with some by upscale Louis Vitton, Chanel …. No real pattern. We wonder if the owners live in the back or upstairs? Very small grocery stores selling the bare necessities and wine .. Ouzo, bottled water, candy and other treats. Some veggies and flower kiosk type stores as well. Along the coast linked together as if all one, cafe, restaurants, pubs and eateries. Some seafood can be bought and it must be fresh.
We stop to watch a small local fisherman as he rinses clean his catch of the day and then hustles it off the a kitchen or two in the vicinity for enjoyment of the tourists, no doubt. We see a man early in the day walking with a dustpan and broom cleaning up debris, empty water bottles. We see him again and again and again as if he must be stalking us all day. He also drove a small scooter like truck which had on the back an area for him to place the recyclables and garbage. A very clean town for the most part, cleaner and so much smaller than Athens. This town is designed for tourism. The cobblestone streets and all the Buildings are painted in white, with spots of grey marble or painted colored shutters and doors. Many ornate doorknobs and tiny steps as if to nowhere. Stunning, uniquely Greek and so pleasant as an experience.
About 2 pm we stop by the sea in a cafe, Rouvera, where we have a small beverage and get the code for free wifi. We enjoy the pictures we took of the sights.
Highlights of the day included free beach combing with finding tiny treasures of brightly colored sea glass. This is apparently an locally overlooked richness and gift from the sea. We also made a purchase of a multi use cotton knit sweater wrap from Athens designer Joanna kourbela. Gold tan in color we each buy the same one, after a fun demonstration by a lovely polite and stunningly beautiful sales angel dressed all in white (the name of the store).
We came back to the ship to grab a wee lunch and donned our bathing suits and hit the pool deck. Yes, now we are enjoying all that cruising in the heat has to offer. It was not a scorcher day due to winds from the sea, howev, today I feel a slight color change on my face and arms.
Love to all, wish you were here!




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