entry 7. Mykonos

Entry 7. Sailing toward Mykonos
As Sheena once wrote to me from Sweden: let me set the stage….
Muggy grey skies. Sweet gentle sound of water being displaced by this majestic ship, Queen Elizabeth. Sitting on my balcony and seeing the whitewashed homes on steep slopes of the rugged island. Terraced land and dry vegetation as far as I can see. Another photo op on iPad. Dreams really do come true. Wish you were here!
Almost time for breakfast and going ashore. Penny slept in longer than me. I was up before 4 am so was writing and reading and then downstairs to check out Internet cafe.
Blue skies overhead promise great weather for the day. I have been cold as air conditioner is blowing in the room. Of course, I am always cold so I will layer for the day’s adventure on land. Today we will walk and explore a bit.
Mykonos looks just like the pictures. Peaceful and scenic. Flat top roofs, sandy beaches, yachts in the marina. I am excited to go on land and check out local culture of this Greek Island.
A lot of locals getting about with scooters and motorcycles, no helmets, and whizzing in and around where other small cars and larger work vans are stopping at lights. Several with extra passengers hanging on the back, or large packages getting ready for delivery. This was the scene in Athens. So now I get to see the similarities between the two cities. I see in the distance some scooters taking their drivers to destinations, likely the start of work day for many here at the port.




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