Dec 2010 Thanks to Oceania for the service


Dec 15, 16 and on, 2010 Thanks for the service on ms Insignia

I want to be sure that each of the staff are acknowledged for their efforts in giving me special attention aboard this cruise. I have been writing their names in a little purple note booklet that I am carrying in my small shoulder bag.

Restaurant managers, wait staff, wine stewards and sommeliers, chefs, and more. Those who made it their business to make my cruise an unforgettable one, in a good way. Those who gave of their precious time to ensure I had a wonderful cruise and that all of my culinary needs were taken care of.

Within a very few days of boarding, these people identified themselves to me and have shown up at my table every day, in many ways, each meal, and at tea time, to ensure I knew they were there, behind the scenes checking on all the details. Special dietary needs does not mean I can’t have, but rather, here is special treatment and special products, meals made to order. I feel like royalty.

I feel high maintenance and yet special. Like these staff have made it their special purpose to ensure I am happy. They smile when they greet me and call me by name. They remember my stateroom number and all the details, ensuring my needs and wants are met without complaint or mistake.

Carlos, the restaurant manager. Sweet, kind, funny, sensitive, hard working, ever-present. He does every task that needs doing. He is busing tables, greeting guests at the door, asking for feedback, remembering all the details, giving subtle, respectful and behind the scenes, clear instructions to wait staff, running to the kitchen to find some item for some special person. Carlos makes it happen and does so with such grace and hard work. My gratitude to him is unlimited. Carlos can often been seen with small droplets on his face, perspiration from the hard work and responsibility that he takes very seriously. He makes it happen, seamlessly.

Srdjan, also restaurant manager. Efficient, kind, attention to detail, big smile, tall dark and handsome. Made sure he spoke to me every day and seemed honestly interested in my feedback regarding food and service.

Horst, maitre d. Went out of his way from day one, when on shift when I was there, to make sure all my needs were met. Traveled to other restaurants to find something I could eat for dessert.

The soups were fantastic and chef Johny was always present in Polo Grill for supper and Terrace Cafe at breakfast and lunch and brought me salsa, desserts, and checked with me to ensure I could eat a variety of food choices. Pauline in Polo Grill made sure I had jellies every night of the cruise and saved lemon meringue dessert for me the day it was prepared.

Multinational serving staff and chefs made the culinary experience with Oceania even more spectacular. Accents of every kind can be heard every day. Caring people, Maryia with a large smile and big heart. Several young women at the buffet who looked after me.

Versace and other designer plates and dishes in the dining rooms. Large red wine glasses. A choice of white or black cloth napkins available in Polo Grill. We did not have to pay for dining in specialty restaurants and we took advantage of eating in them whenever possible. Bread crumb scooper used after the meal. Choice of oil and balsamic vinegar in Toscana specialty restaurant. Silver sugar set at tea time and in all dining rooms.
It is the little things. Love is in the details. I feel very cared for on this cruise and am grateful.

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