Dec 2010 Days at Sea

Dec 14, 2010 Days at Sea

My favorite days are days at sea. On Oceania, this is no exception. Leisurely waking up after being rocked gently to sleep by the rolling of the ship on the wide ocean. Curtains drawn and a view of the horizon, water, blue sky out my window the size of the entire wall of the stateroom.

Tranquility beds so very comfortable, snuggled warm in crisp white sheets, a down comforter and soft down pillows. How luxurious feeling. Large floor to ceiling mirror at the end of the bed on the opposite wall. All items stored carefully away, no clutter in the room.

I enjoy the peacefulness and the movement that greets me as I wake. No plans for the day. No expectations other than food and great company. I might read a book, sit in a common area in comfy chairs, look out windows, enjoy the hot equatorial sun, or catch glimpses of flying fish. I might play scrabble or do a sudoku puzzle. I might shop in the boutiques on board for items I will never purchase. I might have decaf Earl Grey tea in my cruise ship logo mug and sip slowly back in my room. I might do all or none of the above mentioned.

I know the day will be relaxed and enjoyable and that no expectations other than that are encouraged. I have enjoyed the special service I receive from the staff on this ship. Very personal and particular to my specific food needs and wants. I feel high maintenance and enjoy that feeling.

I love the furnishings and wall and window coverings on this small cruise ship. I love the variety of places to find nourishment and endulge in sugary delights. Chocolates on my pillow, fresh berries awaiting at every meal, whole lobster in Polo Grill, flavorful jellies delivered to my table at dinner time, and today, they came at lunch as well. Perrier and San Peregrino water is offered. Still or room temperature water, or water with ice. Unlimited diet Coke and iced tea for the asking.

Gluten free toast and sugar free jams and jellies. Flavorful and spicy salsas made and presented when I ask. Egg white omelet.

Although not entirely about food, this cruise offers so many delights.

I am traveling with family and friends and have made even more friends aboard.

I have the beginning of a tan and enjoy the salt water swimming pool and two fresh water hot tubs and comfy individual and double lounge chairs awaiting on the pool deck. Also there is a jogging and walking track, 13 times around for a mile, above the pool area. Always so much to see. People watching is a great pastime. This ship is no exception to the enjoyment.

I am enjoying reading books in the afternoon, and watching snippets of movies on tv throughout the day or before bed. In order to not spend a fortune on internet usage, I am trying to write only once every two days and seeking internet cafes when we arrive in port.

Lectures are offered on wellness, port excursions, cruise ships and history of places foreign to me. There is a spa and fitness area, I have come to know some of the staff in most of the areas on the ship. I speak to the Concierge about our travels home. I talk at registration desk about my entrance to Brazil. I have spent time with the travel agent offering Oceania future voyages at a discount. I am hopeful one day I will have a job like that. Cruising, meeting people and enjoying the treasured sea days.

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