Dec 17 2010 more sea days

Dec 17 2010 Sea day and sunshine

Just another entry about the wonderful sea days on this cruise. I have enjoyed this cruise on the cruise the very best of all. Although ports are interesting and all, the sea days delight the senses.

Today I enjoyed laying in bed and looking out at the sea. The odd ship off in the distance. Blue sky overhead with fluffy white clouds floating on by.

After breakfast I put on a bathing suit and cover, took a library book, reading glasses, some sunscreen and went up for a swim and some time in the sun.

I met some great people, and made some connections.

Yesterday I did some laundry and talked cruising with some wonderful people in the laundry area.

Today was a fabulous formal high tea served in the lounge area. We dressed up and I wore my big floppy black hat to complete the ensemble. There was music and dancing, tea, sweets and ice carvings. Sculptures and chefs. What a sight! And so nice to have it at 4 pm instead of midnight like on other ships. After tea, happy hour and a martini, followed by more dancing. Dinner at 7 in the Grand Dining Room after appies in mom’s penthouse suite.

Tonight watching It’s a Wonderful Life on TV, reminding me it is almost Christmas time back in the real world. I know it is just a week or so away but it feels very far indeed.

With hot and humid air, exotic locations and the wonderful relaxation, I am not reminded of the hustle and bustle, lights and sounds and cold air reminiscent of Christmas in Canada.

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