Dec 15, 20110 South of the Equator

Dec 15, 2010 South of the Equator

Greetings from the southern hemisphere! I have arrived. Sometime around 2 am local time, just around another time change, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, smooth seas and no particular sign posts, I crossed the equator for the first time in my life.

In elementary school and after, talk of the equator brought interest. What was that like? The largest section around the world, the biggest part of the circle. Is it the same below? Down under? Does the water actually spin the other direction in the sink, tub or toilet bowl? The sky will host different constellations and I can’t remember the southern most sky-marks. It has been so long since that early learning that I can’t recall what I am to expect.

Nonetheless, here I am and I am excited. At noon, at sea, a ceremony takes place to initiate those, like me, who this is their first crossing to the south.

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