Dec 18, 2010 Cruising to Salvador

Dec 18 2010 Cruising into Salvador Brazil

Third largest city in Brazil, beautiful from the ship. We have seen city lights and tall buildings for hours as we arrive in Salvador. Hugging the coast of Brazil the sights are wonderful.

This city offers green space and church towers, high buildings from the lower city “Cidade Baixa” as well as a glimpse at the upper part, “Cidade Alta”. Vehicles, including buses and cars can be seen driving up the road that hugs the steep slope to the upper part. There is also a landmark elevator “Elevador Lacerda” for pedestrian walkup.

What kind of a port city has no sea birds? Not a sea gull, or sign of any kind of sea bird in this port. People in small row boats (standing and rowing face forward), some locals on the break water fishing from the high wall. Many large commercial ships as this is a major port in South America.

Salvador is described as a thriving metropolis rich in museums and ancient history. There is a historic district and includes a wealthy neighbourhood. Recently restored over 600 buildings, we expect to see some fabulous sights here.

Church steeples and beautiful ornate buildings can be seen on shore, at higher altitudes. Salvador was originally one of the main gateways for African slave trade and ‘accounted for over half of all Africans brought to the New World’. Music, song, dance, cuisine, crafts and religion will all reflect this historical fact.

We have no excursions planned. We may take a taxi to the upper city and shop for a few hours. An early departure on the ship means this will be a short day at port.

Only a few days left of this amazing voyage and fabulous cruise. Yesterday at sea I spent some time on deck by the pool and was so busy talking and meeting new friends that I was not paying attention to the time I spent in the sun. I have some red legs and a red nose today as we head to port.

We have been playing Scrabble everyday, enjoying high tea at 4, usually dinner at 6:30 preceded by appetizers with my mom in her penthouse stateroom with a bottle of wine we have brought on board. Yesterday we enjoyed ‘Happy Hour’. Even some dancing, always dressing up for evening events and, of course, fine dining.

I can tell by the ships activity that we have arrived in our parking place in the city center. The Insignia is now parallel parking and I must get ready for the day. Donning white ¾ pants, white t shirt, and a white lulu lemon jacket to protect me from the sun’s rays. A cotton crushable white hat to wear about town and in the event we encounter rain or sun – the protection from the elements can be achieved. A light and colorful scarf for my shoulders should the jacket be just too much for the heat.

Brazil is warm, humid and a third world country. I want to ensure I am as safe and comfortable as possible as I explore the cities on our port visits. The last port of call is Rio de Janeiro and we have excursions pre booked for both days to see the sights in relative comfort and be transported by air conditioned coach and an English speaking tour guide. Time for shopping and sight seeing will be provided and even some time to walk the sunny and famous beaches.

Although the ports of call have been interesting and break up the cruise, I long for the relaxation and luxury of sea days aboard Oceania. This has been the most luxurious and amazing cruise ever for me.

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