Dec 20, 2010 Cruising to Rio

Dec 20 2010 Cruising to Rio

The end of the cruise is near. We were issued our passports yesterday. We are starting to think about what to pack and what to keep out. We are off the ship in the morning tomorrow and today we will have an exciting excursion in Rio.

I have met some great new friends, have made connections to follow up. I have experienced the most wonderful ocean cruise line and enjoyed what they have to offer. I relaxed on sea days, read books, danced, enjoyed happy hour, played scrabble, ate and most importantly had special moments and lingering conversations and spent quality time with my family.

Yesterday we saw many large ships out at sea, some sea birds, whales and abundant activity out in the vast waters. Today as we sail toward Rio, we can see the shore off on the horizon (I think 12 miles is as far as we can see off deck 8??). The mountain ranges behind are starting to come into view. This is our last stop on this fabulous itinerary. Some 21 days ago we left home on this adventure and it is coming to a close.

Happy to be going home to see my kids, and be in regular contact with those back there, friends and family. To quickly prepare for Christmas activities and be in the festive mood.

Although trees and lights are decorating our ship, it is hot and humid and sunny and exotic here. Not what I have come to associate with Christmas time in Canada.

I will be shopping for gem stones that I can make into jewelery when I get home. Rio is famous for its gemstones. Direct from this country, the stones will make lovely gifts.

I hope to find an internet cafe so I can send and check some emails as well. The day promises to be full of family and friends, seeing new sights from great heights such as Sugar Loaf and Corcovado mountain (Christ the Redeemer on top of the latter), beaches such as Cobacobana, and Ipanema as well as many other lovely sand stretches.

Shops to see and explore and places to go back to visit again tomorrow after we disembark from the ship and prepare for the flight home.

As much as I love the Oceania tranquility beds, it will be comforting to be back home and enjoying my own things around me.

For now, signing off in anticipation of a safe trip home, following two lovely days exploring Rio.

With love and gratitude,


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