Preparing for Princess adventure to Carib Mar 2010


6 March 2010


It is early morning the day before my Princess cruise to the beautiful sunny Caribbean. I am once again a walk on passenger on the Schwartz Bay to Tswassen Ferry, off Vancouver Island.

My friend Cari will be at the other end, having driven half the night from Merritt. We will have lots of laughs, I, expect. Of course anticipation and preparation and packing are part of the adventure. I have once again over packed!. I brought the lovely white suitcase I bought on my Europe river cruise. I also have a carry on with wheels to bring along some important things.

I am insured on this trip for trip interruption, baggage and medical. I hope to never have to use them but have seen some things that make me believe in security and peace of mind purchase! Donning my cowboy hat, Halle Barrie boots, vest made locally by Jan Donaldson designs, and a comfy pair of jeans, I give the image of an old cowgirl! It makes me smile to think of how that looks in the city, but alas I will be on my way to the other side of the United States soon enough. We fly out of Seattle this afternoon and perhaps a wee bit of shopping and to begin the eating frenzy before we depart by plane.

This time to further my exploration and hopeful relief of the dreaded “packing stress”, I made a list. I laid out the days, nights and other events that are likely to present themselves on this trip and a list was made. It means I have enough clothes for more than 2 changes a day, with shoes and matching scarves and jewelery. A bit excessive this way too, although the stress of packing was not so obvious this time. I have packed my favorite pants in my carry on in the event my luggage is delayed or lost, as I simply can’t replace long pants! I also have my jewelery in my carry on. It will be interesting to see what I have forgotten that I neglected to put on a list!! Following the list helped me eliminate some items I had originally thought to bring.

I forgot a few things already – my breakfast (yogurt with cottage cheese and blueberries in a disposable container – two actually) in the fridge. And a bag of dried fruit with nuts and seeds sitting on the freezer. Steve assures me he is not interested in either of my “left behinds”. <grin> We did search until we found the camera last evening, so it is safe in my carry on.

It is springtime in Victoria and on the island so the pollen has started to irritate my eyes, and otherwise my other senses are enjoying the color, and texture of the season. How I love the change of seasons.

I think I am most in love with the in-between-ness.

I just called Cari and she is pulling in to the ferry terminal. All excited, we have connection. In half an hour we will be on our way. The sun is so bright and beautiful today in the very bright clear blue sky.

Ooops I also forgot sun block and dramamine for just in case …. better stop in a shop in Seattle. I am also looking forward to getting across the border so we can have some breakfast and a wee bit of shopping in good time. Maybe even Costco or Lu Lu … or both?? We thought we might pick up wine in plastic bottles to stick in luggage for the trip.

Such a welcoming day, such an exciting trip. I have not sailed with Princess before but have achieved my Commodore training, so I get to sail as an Elite passenger (as if sailed 15 times with them before). Shoes polished, complimentary mini bar set up, wine tasting, internet, complimentary laundry and dry cleaning and more. I will enjoy those little extras. I brought some clothes just so I can get them dry cleaned !!! <smile>

Another first, I have not been to the Caribbean before. Cari has and she plans to do some diving while there – I expect to walk the beaches and enjoy the relaxation. 4 stops in hot lands – truly a lovely way to spend the week.

I don’t have a book to read or a magazine to peruse. Perhaps along the way something will show up. Otherwise, oh computer, you shall be my form of communication.

It is getting time to move along … use the loo and prepare for my debark and off to the great big adventure.

Thanks to the factors, family and friends that travel with me and are in my heart.

With love,

till later


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