365 Day Commitment to Caring, Conservation and Cruising

Pamela MacDonald invites you to join me in a commitment to being more globally responsible. As a reward, to join me again on a women’s cruise ………. (friends, family and partners are welcome to join the cruise …. it is not JUST for women)

check out my website at to sign up for newsletters and to enter draw for free cruise!


  •  I commit to not purchase any clothing for myself over the next year (until spring break March 2011)


  • I commit to being more conscious about my spending with regard to items of a personal nature
  • I will give up spending frivolously and without careful fore thought
  • I will use the money I save and reward myself with an earned holiday to a hot and sunny climate
  • I will commit to writing monthly into the Blog created by Pam about the struggles and successes including personal reflection on the commitments made


  • once a year in spring break (March) I will reward my thriftiness and connection to other women who are committed to this program by cruising to Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii or other hot spot
  • we will travel together and celebrate our success


  •  purchase or make a diary of “extra” money spent on self over the next 12 months
  • review monthly and keep track of how overall financial situation changes
  • write in the Blog, encouragement and stories of success and struggles for others to share




  • give up “buying” token material gifts for others, and instead, share gifts of creativity (write a poem, paint a picture, make jewelry, pay it forward, re-gift, make a homemade card or scrapbook page, donate in the name of friend or family to charity of your choice, etc)
  • find something you can give up (cable TV, clothes you won’t wear again, old wedding dress, )
  • monthly go through one area of your house and clear it out (under bathroom sink, top shelf of spare room closet, storage locker, garage, under the bed) and donate what you never use.
  • Keep track (in writing) of what you eat and spend every day (be more conscious)
  • stop buying bottled water – carry an environmentally friendly refillable water bottle
  • use library instead of purchasing new books and dvd’s
  • walk more, take the stairs whenever you can,
  • use headset when driving to answer cell phone calls

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